Naija Music Estate.

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This write-up is based on the effectiveness and consistency of our artiste(s) in Nigeria. This will be a conversational write-up whereby the readers will drop their opinions(comments). Also, this write-up was initiated to create great excitement amongst us and not to favor your favorite artiste(s) but  to talk plainly about their achievements so far in the music industry.

Just like the way we use some funny words to qualify some people in a competition for example in Yoruba “Mo gbe eeni wa” (am here to stay), “O wa tepa” (he came here just to look) and stuffs like that.

So, we will be rating their achievements, consistency, and influence ever since they stepped into stardom by allocating  rooms for them in the estate named NAIJA MUSIC ESTATE. The idea is, I’d love us to see our music industry in Nigeria as a very big ESTATE where some artistes own a big mansion due to their consistency in the industry while some own duplexes, some bungalows down to loafers who seem just to be squatting in the same estate. These will be our parameters for rating. For instance, we can say TuBaba lives in a Mansion in our metaphoric estate, and ….. Is a squatter and so on. We will keep giving names of our artistes let’s know your take on each Artistes.


Lets know what you feel about this…


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