Top 10 Under-Rated Rappers In Nigeria

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In light of the infamous NotJustOk’s “Top10 Most gifted Rapper’s in Nigeria” here is an Ironic list of the “Top 10 Most “UNDERATED” Rappers In Nigeria” as compiled by Foslims.

10. Shina Rambo – “ This dude has swegg” Yeah! Naija boy with Yankee Swegg, but whatever happens to the Swegg and his bars. They two don’t just concur.

9. Lynxx – Jollof Music extraordinaire Lynxx utunu Aka Mr Sexy *Lips sealed*

8. Cartiar – Most gifted aka Jesus christ on the mic

7. Pherowshuz – aka Mr “If I ate beans for a whole day I still wont give a poo”

6. Ruggedman- Uncle spit more in ur mothers tongue. Though it is not doing much for him.

5. illBliss – the oga boss aka oga Ross “Mr Flow so butty”

4. Skales – Bleh! Mr I am waiting for Wizkid to leave EME before I blow.

3. VIc O – Yeah! that dude blessed us with the bestest rap joint “why evils” on a Don Jazzy’s beat and NJO please why evil?? you left that dude outta list.

2. DRB (Fresh L & Teezee) – Yeah! The only blessing to that group is BOJ pls. 

1. Eedris Abdulkareem- S/O to the wackiest rapper ever liveth since day one. 

You are free to add yours 


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