Meet Kubo, The Crowdfunded Electric Cargo Scooter Made By Lit Motors

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Lit Motors, the electric car startup that launched last year with its first vehicle called the C1, has debuted another sleek looking electricity-fueled vehicle called the Kubo.

The Kubo is a uniquely designed vehicle that brings together the best of both worlds from scooters and cars: It has a small two-wheeled form factor, but a nice amount of storage space. Lit describes it as “combining the beautiful design of Apple and Vespa with the basic utility of a pickup truck.” I’d liken it to a modern two-wheeled version of the El Camino, only much more beautifully designed (and eco-friendly!) Either way, it’s a very nifty piece of work. Once you see it, you wonder why something like it hasn’t been made already.

Potrero 4x3-med

Lit Motors is hoping to crowdfund the initial production of the Kubo through a Kickstarter campaign launched last month. So far, the…

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