Enabling innovation and agility in enterprise IT

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Enterprise IT organizations face many juxtaposed challenges: Despite a lack of resources, they are under pressure to further reduce costs. They are beholden to the needs of disparate business groups, yet they are often excluded from holistic organizational planning. They are often seen internally as an innovation bottleneck, yet they are bound by security and governance constraints. How can they effectively help their organization create new projects when they spend most of their time keeping the lights on?

In order for a company to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation, it’s important that it is able to develop and deploy applications as quickly as possible. And IT must support and enable innovation instead of being seen as the roadblock to it.

Stackato by ActiveState was created specifically to solve the diminishing resources and time-to-market challenges of enterprise IT organizations. It helps remove barriers between development, QA, deployment and…

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