Canon’s Long-Awaited EOS M2 Hopes To Improve On Canon’s First Mirrorless With Improved AF

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Canon’s first kick at the mirrorless market was without question a disappointing debut: The EOS M first launched in 2012, and was a let-down mostly because of its incredibly sluggish autofocus, as well as other quirks like a screen blackout that happened immediately after taking a picture. Canon seems to have addressed both issues with the new design, added Wi-Fi, and left most of the rest untouched.

The M2 has been officially announced via Canon China and Canon Japan so far, with English-language countries likely due for releases later today. The details of the camera are known, however, and include a body design that resembles the original, but that’s actually slightly smaller and packs new Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing and image transfer.

The big selling point however remains the improved autofocus, which was by far the biggest area requiring improvement on the original. Canon promises more than double the AF…

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