Lock8 Smart Bike Lock Surpasses Funding Goal

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If people feel comfortable renting out their houses, and cars, to strangers, why not bikes?

That’s the question that the Lock8 founders asked themselves, inevitably leading to one of the first true smart locks for bikes. Plus, Lock8 uses its smart lock, paired with a mobile app, to facilitate a peer-to-peer marketplace.

Today, Lock8 surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter, with six days to spare.

Lock8 also happened to be the winner at our first-ever TechCrunch Disrupt Europe Battlefield.

The company launched the Kickstarter campaign on our stage last month, and has now received more than $80,000 with a few days left to spare.

Lock8 works similarly to smart locks in homes; keyless unlock via pairing with a smartphone app. The Lock8 is installed onto the bike and is packed with sensors, which can alert the owner if someone is trying to steal the bike.

If the thief manages…

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